Maketing Plan

Your smart way to Maketing and manage Maketing Campaign closely

Create QR Code

Create Qr Code and store them in your Campaign to manage easily

Customize QR Code

Customize your QR Code easily with 3 simples step on (qr platform)

Statistics Report

Tracking your qr code and measure the marketing campaign effective real-time with qr platform dash board.

Free QR Code Scanner

Quickly scan qr code with QR Code Scanner Quick (by, it is available on Google Play and Apple Store (

Thousand QR Code Custom Style

Every QR Code is Unique. We provide you many shapes to customize your own QR Codes :

  • 25 QR code corner shapes.
  • 20 QR code corner dot shapes.
  • 30 QR code body styles.
  • Coloring the coner, dot, body, background.
You can download high resolutions QR Code source file by accessing your qr platform account. (

Types Supported

QR Platform QR Code Generator supports all type of QR Codes : text, url, social network, telephone, sms, vcard, mecard ...

Message Definition

Input your information like text, namecard, v-card, website, sms ... and much more.

Generate QR Code

Create QR Code easily by Esoluz QR Code Genarator now available on PC, iOS and Android.

Your Own Design

Customize your QR Code with many shapes, styles and color by our QR Code Generator.

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